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RQ8 Automatic Strapping Machine



Amazing Strapping Speed

with a strapping cycle time of 1.5 seconds, the machine is capable of up to 40 straps per second.

Quick Heater

Ready to operate in less than 25 seconds, indicated by the power switch lamp. Designed to insure high joint strength.



Self Diagnostic

A programmable microprocessor constantly monitors critical functions. Any irregularity sensed is immediately displayed.



Self-Correcting Technology

In the unusual event of a short-feed, the machine will re-feed without operator intervention. If the RQ-8 is operated accidentally without a package on the table, the strap will form a small loop which will be automatically ejected from the sealing unit leaving the machine ready for the next cycle.




Easy Strap Loading

Strap can be loaded without access by the inside of the machine simply by operating the strap feed lever from the coil side of the machine. Automated units, used in conjunction with feed conveyors do not have to be removed from the line for strap loading.

Simple Controls

Strap tension is variable through strength electronic control and a white light indicates when the machine is ready to operate. There is a forward-feed switch and a stop/lock turron for safety purposes. Machine actuation is through the start button on the control panel or alternatively through foot or table ball switch options for hands-free operation.



Heavy Duty metal casters allow for the machine to be quickly installed or moved to any Single Phase power supply outlet.



Strapack's advanced bandway design assures perfect strap placement and eliminates any twisted straps.


Permanently Lubricated Machanisms

Strapack's self-lubricating design has an unsurpassed reputation for it's durability and maintenance-free operation.

Robust Construction

The RQ-8 has been designed for long-term reliability.This permanently lubricated mechanism has fewer moving parts than previous models but component quality has not been reduced.


Variable Tension

A single dial provides a wide range of tension for all packages.

Tension capability up to 80kg (equivalent to 150mm stroke).


Strap Size Options

9mm machines can be adjusted to use 12mm strapping without any parts replacement.

In addition RQ-8 machines can be supplied to operate on 6mm or 5mm polypropylene strapping.