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Fish Meat and Poultry Strapping Machines

Norwood Packaging and Strapping has had a long association with the meat and fish packing sectors of industry, we can offer specialist Stainless Steel Strapping Equipment to cope with the harsh conditions encountered within these.

Semi Automatic machines for the smaller fish merchants and small packing plants.

Automatic Machines for those with a larger through put of over 800 -1000 boxes per day.

Fully Automated Operator Free Systems for larger packing lines where machines apply straps to the packs by pack detection and powered conveyors.

Printed Strapping Materials

Private branded strapping for the Fish Poultry and Meat sectors which include your EC-UK Number within the prescribed logo to get rid of costly legally required labels. Boxes sealed with strapping bearing the EC-UK Logo and Plant number are now accepted as the norm in these industries. In most cases we recommend the UK-EC Number Logo only.

See the samples below.


Stainless SteelSemi Automatic Machine

Budget Taiwanese Machine

Ideal for the small fish merchant up to 600-800 boxes per day.

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Automatic strapping machine with the body and frame constructed from stainless steel and selected mechanical parts also made from Brass, Stainless Steel and corrosion resisting materials for a long service life.

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This machine is also available with a powered roller table to link up with customers own conveyors. Box strapping can be controlled by photo-cells to provide operator free strapping of boxes when linked to suitable conveyors.

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Model 2400

A Spanish made Semi Automatic Machine Manufactured to a high standard and stainless steel body throughout. Selected mechanical parts manufactured from Stainless steel and corrosion resisting materials for a long service life. Automatic lubrication of sealing mechanism controlled by a battery operated timer ensures long periods between servicing. Stainless Castors and frames for easy cleaning with jet wash.

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